About Alpine Engineering indoor ski slopes

Alpine Engineering is a technical driven company that develops indoor ski machine solutions. In our factory in The Netherlands we build revolving ski slope simulators with the highest care whereafter we install our endless ski simulators all over the world.


Our creative team of technical engineers is always looking for innovation in our product portfolio. Whether it’s about a new technical idea or a visual improvement on the ski simulator, we are happy to think along. Just tell us your ideas and we try to make them happen.


In our advanced production facility we use only the best materials, the latest machinery and smartest production techniques to make an extremely durable artificial ski simulator. For peace of mind our SkiMachines are built according to the latest safety standards and come with a full warranty.


Our experienced engineers will take care of the installation of the ski machine on location and will give you a detailed explanation on how it works. Regardless of your requirements we will take care of a seamless customer service from the very first moment you contact us to beyond the product installation.

How it all started

Alpine Engineering is a technical driven company. It has its roots at Alpine Sports BV, an indoor ski center with three treadmill ski machines and a unique revolving disc ski simulator. The center has been founded in 1995 and is still in use as our demo center. Rob van Schie designed and built the endless ski slopes himself whereafter his ski center became a success. After several requests, he started to manufacture his treadmill slopes for other centers as well. This has resulted in a new company, focussing on engineering, manufacturing and installing SkiMachines, today known as Alpine Engineering.

Alpine Engineering founder Rob van Schie

As a passionate snowboarder born in The Netherlands, working in mechanical engineering, there is just one option for Rob. In 1995 he starts his own indoor ski center with two treadmill ski machines, self-designed and self-constructed. He attends several ski- and snowboard courses and successfully achieves the highest degree of snowboard instructing in Austria, ´Staatlich geprüfter Snowboardlehrer´, which makes him ready to teach skiing and snowboarding on a high level in his own indoor ski center: Alpine Sports, nowadays our demo center.
Besides running the ski center, he educates new instructors for Snowsports Academy, organizes ski trips for his customers and introduced countless people to snow sports. Due to its success, he was able to expand the indoor ski center in 2000 by adding two more endless ski simulators, one of which being an entirely new invention: a rotating disc slope that simulates a never ending mountain. It´s called the Alpine Disc Slope Ski Simulator.

When he received more and more requests for the installation of the indoor ski slopes, he decided to dedicate all his focus and attention to Alpine Engineering BV. His knowledge of snow sports and his drive for innovation inspires his colleagues which results in a wide and reliable product range for customers all over the world.

Some of the Ski Simulator users

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