Alpine Disc Slope Ski Simulator

A never ending rotating ski simulator!

This ski simulator looks like a gigantic disc and goes round and round. The forward momentum creates the feeling of a real infinite mountain. This is the new generation ski simulators and brings indoor skiing to the next level. It’s perfect to get your first snowboarding lesson. But it can also be used to create a fun park or jump in a tube and have some tobogganing fun!

About the Alpine Disc Slope Ski Simulator

How the Disc Slope Ski Simulator works

This Indoor Disc Slope Ski Simulator is an octagonal platform covered with artificial ski carpet. It makes an endless rotating movement while it’s tilting. This means the lowest point is constantly changing which results in an infinite descent. The skier will experience a real forward momentum by going down to the lowest point of the Disc Ski Simulator continuously. A unique experience in an indoor ski center.

Indoor Disc Slope Ski Simulator

How to use the Disc Slope Ski Simulator

Compared to a treadmill ski machine, the Disc Slope Ski Simulator gives you the possibility to create a constantly returning fun park on your Disc. By placing objects on the ski simulator you can make it more fun for kids or even create a freestyle park. It’s also a very good tool for telemark skiing and for teaching snowboarding. Snowboarders prefer the disc slope ski simulator.

The Disc Slope Ski Simulator can be used for more than skiing

Indoor ski centers love the Disc Slope Ski Simulator but it’s not only for alpine skiing. It can also be used for tobogganing, sit in a tube and there you go! Or use the Disc Slope for cross country skiing. The tilting movement can be adjusted to your request which makes it also possible to mountainbike on it. And snowboarders love the Disc Slope Simulator especially for their first lessons!

Find out more about our indoor ski simulator

All our SkiMachines are developed and built in our own factory in The Netherlands from where we ship them worldwide. We send our team of engineers to take care of a smooth installation.
Keep in mind you can always contact us for your custom request but for now let us share some basic specifications with you:
The disc slope ski simulator is availible from € 200.000,- / $ 250,000.-


Standard with our Disc Slopes:

  • Turnkey delivery
  • Galvanized support frame
  • Top layer of Pole-Snow® artificial ski carpet
  • Semi-automatic sprinkler system
  • Powder coated railings in a RAL-color of your choice
  • A raised platform with stairs to enter the slope
  • Developed and constructed in accordance with CE-regulations
  • Suitable for downhill and uphill sport
  • 24 months warranty

Safety features:

  • Railing all around
  • Remote control with emergency stop button and out of reach control
  • Emergency stop on the platform
  • Pull cord switches around the slope which activate the emergency stop
  • Gate switch in entrance gate (this locks the gate when the slope is operational).
  • Release and status light (green, orange, red)
  • Various transparent polycarbonate separation walls
Available sizes

The Alpine Disc Slope is currently available in two sizes:
If you wish a custom model, please contact us.


Alpine Disc Slope Ski Simulator 120

Outer measurements: 1300 x 1300 cm / 42′ 8″ x 42′ 8″
(platform not included)
Indoor ski surface: 1200 cm / 39′ 5″ diameter

Alpine Disc Slope Ski Simulator 160

Outer measurements: 1700 x 1700 cm / 56′ x 56′ 
(platform not included)
Indoor ski surface: 1600 cm / 52′ 6″ diameter



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