Artificial Ski Grass

Our infinite dry slope is covered with Pole-Snow® artificial ski grass

Our artificial ski grass is especially designed for our indoor ski machine and simulates real snow conditions onto your revolving dry slope. With Pole-Snow® on your dry slope you can ski and snowboard year round experiencing similar conditions as in the mountains!


About our Artificial Ski Grass

What is Pole-Snow® artificial ski grass

Pole-Snow® is a synthetic artifical ski grass material that offers a similar feeling to snow when used on an infinite dry slope. The low friction fibres are woven into a stable base section which results in a synthetic ski grass that covers your dry slope and simulates the effect of real snow.


Why Pole-Snow® Ski Grass on your infinite dry slope

A good quality top layer is essential for your ski simulator. Our Pole-Snow® ski carpet has a high fibre density and offers gliding and grip like real snow does. The synthetic ski surface on your revolving dry slope can be used by alpine skiers but also in reverse mode by cross country athletes or mountain bikers.


artificial ski grass indoor slope
dry slope ski grass

We place your artificial ski grass

It’s extremely important that your ski grass is placed correctly. You don´t want imperfections on your infinite dry slope. You want a nice freshly groomed ski slope in your indoor ski center to ski and snowboard year round without having to worry. This is why Alpine Engineering strongly recommends to let the ski grass be placed by professionals.

Find out more about our artificial ski grass

If you want a new layer of Pole-Snow® on your revolving dry slope, feel free to contact us!


Ski Grass for your infinite dry slope

Synthetic ski grass comes in different lengths and widths and should be placed by professional craftsmen who will make sure you will have year round fun on the infinite dry slope.

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