Additional services for indoor ski centers

When starting an indoor ski center, you need more than just a Ski Machine. Besides the delivery and installation of our indoor ski simulators, we can also assist you with several tools to start your business successfully. Like ski instructor training, ski lesson booking software, yearly maintenance or replacing your ski grass.

Interactive SkiMachine games

Games make you want to book your next session on the ski simulator right away, especially when they are interactive! Challenge your family members on the interactive slalom and practice your skills till you reach the highest level. Or dare your friends to beat your high score on the hit button game. Go from left to right and set your SkiMachine highscore!

Interactive SkiMachine games make your customers want to come back, help the ski instructors to keep skiing interesting as a weekly returning activity and turn pure sport into sportainment! Stay challenged while having fun on the SkiMachine.

Indoor ski center software

This software for indoor ski centers is called Ski Planner and is used by both the ski school as the customers. Skiers and snowboarders can easily book their lesson while indoor ski center operators can make sure they have the optimum occupation of their revolving ski slope simulators. It also contains a pupil tracking system and it automatically monitors the progression of skiers and snowboarders which will result in a higher customer satisfaction and with that a higher rate of returning customers.

Indoor ski instructor training

The instructors often play a key role in your indoor ski center which is why you need to train them well. When our infinite ski simulators are equipped with interactive ski training software and your ski instructors are well trained, the return rate of your customers will be way higher!

Together with SnowSports Academy we offer a ski instructor training specific for indoor ski centers. It comes with a certification recognized by Austrian ski federation.
We can even go one step further by offering a customized training to get your business started; besides training your ski instructors on using the ski simulators we can also help you to get the business going and make it profitable.

dry slope ski grass

SkiMachine Maintenance

Yearly maintenance check

Although the SkiMachine is a product built to last and extremely maintenance friendly, we recommend doing a yearly check. A low cost annual preventive maintenance check will make sure your ski machine runs smoothly and prevents failure and damages. By doing this, downtime can be reduced to an absolute minimum. If necessary, Alpine Engineering is always available for support and can check your ski simulator remotely on issue. 

New artificial ski grass

As your infinite dryslope ski simulator is used very intensively you eventually need a fresh layer of synthetic snow. Our Pole-Snow® artificial ski grass is especially developed for ski treadmills and has a high longevity, but when it eventually needs to be replaced, Alpine Engineering is there to assist you.

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