Tools to start

Besides the delivery and installation of indoor ski slopes, we can also assist you with several tools to start your business successfully.


Every indoor ski center needs a reliable booking system. Ski-Planner is an online booking and tracking system to optimize the service level to your customers. The userfriendly system will recognize their level and will offer suitable options to book.

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SkiPlanner software

Training your staff

The revolving slope is an important part of your center. But how do you make sure your customers return after their first visit?

A training for your (future) instructors can be offered by our partner organization: SnowSports Academy. They have lots of experience with both indoor and outdoor skiing / snowboarding, and with running an indoor ski center. They can offer you a customized training that will consist of a theoretical and practical part.



Maintenance of the ski slopes is very important to prevent damage and failures. Our experienced team can do a (yearly) check up to make sure the machines operate properly.


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