Alpine Disc Slope

The Endless ski slope

How does the Alpine Disc Slope work?

The Alpine Disc Slope is an octagonal platform that tilts and makes a continuous revolving movement, which means the lowest point always changes. The tilting disc allows you to ski endlessly towards the lowest point or to climb endlessly towards the highest point.

Suitable for several sports and fun games

The ADS is suitable for various downhill and uphill sports, such as:
– all levels of skiing and snowboarding
– snow tube gliding
– cross-country skiing
– mountain biking
– trail running

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Standard with our Disc Slopes:

  • Turnkey delivery
  • Galvanized support frame
  • Equipped with a top layer of Pole-Snow®
  • Semi-automatic sprinkler system
  • Powder coated railings in a RAL-color of your choice
  • A raised platform with stairs to enter the slope
  • Developed and constructed in accordance with CE-regulations
  • Suitable for downhill and uphill sports
  • Capacity:
    • Skiing / snowboarding: 6 persons (2-3 per session)
    • Snow tubes: approx. 10
  • 24 months warranty

Safety features:

  • Railing all around
  • Remote control with emergency stop button and out of reach control
  • Emergency stop on the platform
  • Pull cord switches around the slope which activate the emergency stop
  • Gate switch in entrance gate (this locks the gate when the slope is operational).
  • Release and status light (green, orange, red)
  • Various transparent polycarbonate separation walls
Available sizes

The Alpine Disc Slope is currently available in one size:

Alpine Disc Slope 120

Outer measurements:13 x 13 meters (platform not included)
Dimension:12 meters in diameter (platform not included)

Other sizes are in development. 



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