Alpine Portable Slope

The portable ski simulator

How does the Alpine Portable Slope work?

Ski or board anywhere you want! This innovation has been developed after several requests. The Portable Slope is a ski simulator that can be folded and put on a trailer. This makes it easy to access different locations.
Perfect for events and shows, but also for existing ski centers to expand their capacity.

Uphill and downhill sports

As the direction of the movement of the surface can be turned around, it makes it possible to train both uphill and downhill sports.
You can create your own business model with this Portable Slope.

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Standard with our Portable Slopes:

  • Turnkey delivery
  • Galvanized support frame
  • Equipped with a top layer of Pole-Snow®
  • Foldable for transport
  • Manually hydraulic adjustable incline (2-14 degrees)
  • Suitable for downhill and uphill sports
  • 12 months warranty
  • Capacity:
    • Skiing / snowboarding: 1 adult or 2-3 kids
    • Cycling: 4 (experienced) persons
    • Hiking: 4 persons
    • Cross country skiing: 2 persons

Safety features:

  • 2 sided fence
  • Soft buffer at the back of the slope
  • Switchable safety sensor above drive roller which activates quick stop
  • Remote control with emergency stop button and out of reach control
  • Control box with emergency stop
  • Exercise beam at the front
  • Safety coverings at every corner
  • A roller beam at the front for cycling (will not stop the cyclists but provides safety)
Available sizes
The Portable Slope is available in the following size:

Outer measurements:Unfolded:  5.5 meters wide, 3.4 meters long

Folded:      1.8 meters wide, 5.5 meters long, 1.7 meters high

Sport surface:4 meters wide, 3 meters long



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