Indoor Ski Machine

The Alpine Revolving Slope

How does the Alpine Revolving Slope work?

Our most popular product, the Alpine Revolving Slope, is similar to a treadmill, and can hold up to four skiers or snowboarders at the same time. The indoor ski machine is adjustable in both speed and angle, which makes the slope suitable for both beginners and professional skiers and snowboarders.
Having the instructor always nearby, and a large mirror in front of the slope, will provide direct feedback to the user. No lifts, no lines, no cold.
It is available in several dimensions and types, including moveable ones.

New Model

ARS 70110

Now available: the ARS 70110. This revolving slope has an effective ski area of 7 meters wide and 11 meters long and is the largest revolving slope in our product range.

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Standard with our revolving slopes:

  • Turn key delivery
  • Control box with user friendly touch screen
  • Galvanized support frame (maintenance free)
  • Equipped with a top layer of Pole-Snow®
  • Semi-automatic sprinkler system
  • Powder coated railings in a RAL-color of your choice
  • Side board carpets in the color of your choice (5 colors available)
  • Adjustable front beam
  • Developed and constructed in accordance with CE-regulations
  • Remote monitoring if necessary (internet connection needed)
  • 24 months warranty

Safety features:

  • Quick stop pull cords and switches all around the side rails
  • Switchable safety sensor above the drive roller which activates the quick stop
  • Remote control with quick stop
  • Control box with touch screen and emergency stop
  • Safety coverings at every corner of the turning parts
  • Safety labeling
  • Remote control with out of reach control

Optional parts:

  • Height adjustment (10-18 degrees)
  • Mirror frame including look-through mirrors
  • Extra practice beams
  • Side walls
  • Back wall
Available sizes

The ski slopes are available in several sizes.

Alpine Revolving Slope 5070

Outer measurements:6.5 meters wide, 10.1 meters long
Sport surface:5 meters wide, 7 meters long


Alpine Revolving Slope 5090
also available as a moveable version

Outer measurements:6.5 meters wide, 12.1 meters long
Skiing surface:5 meters wide, 9 meters long


Alpine Revolving Slope 60110

Outer measurements:7.5 meters wide, 14.1 meters long
Sport surface:6 meters wide, 11 meters long


Alpine Revolving Slope 70110

Outer measurements:8.5 meters wide, 14.1 meters long
Sport surface:7 meters wide, 11 meters long


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